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Taylormade-Carpentry specialize in loft conversions for all house builds so If you’re after some extra space in your home,depending on your roof structure, a loft conversion could be an ideal project for you to pursue.

All our loft conversion projects benefit from excellent dedicated project management along with high construction standards. Craig will manage the project alongside you and will keep everyone connected and updated with any infomation required. He will also supervise and review progress of the work every week making sure is all goes as planned.

We have lots of loft conversion projects completed, Taylor-made Carpentry & Construction has an outstanding reputation in and around the Bath/Corsham area. We excel in with transformations of your attic space into a stylish elegenace en-suite bedroom or any other type of desired space such as an office.
A loft conversion makes excellent use of any unwanted roof space, increases the value of the property and has many benefits ranging from:

Rooflight & Velux Conversions

A Rooflight & Velux conversion are the same, this is when your loft conversion if formed within the existing roof space and without actually altering the profile of your roof. A Velux loft conversion is the cheapest options and works best when you have ample headroom so you can make full use of all the space available.
Velux loft conversions require considerably less construction work and are not as disruptive as other forms of conversions.

Hip to Gable & Hip End

Hip to Gable & Hip End Conversions: are for properties with a slopping side roof, which means that the side of your roof slopes inwards towards the ridge/chimney. A hip-to-gable style conversion would change the shape of the roof by extending the existing the ridge and giving you a much larger loft area. The new gable is generally built from timber and normally finished in hanging tiles to match the existing roof, a new section of roof is built to fill in the area.

Flat Roof Dormer

Flat roof dormers give the maximum amount of additional internal space; the dormer is usually of a timber structure, tile hung to match the existing aesthetics of your home. Rear Dormers are popular due to the fact that they create a large floor area and give good natural light through either large windows or even French doors. Internally a dormer will have a horizontal ceiling and vertical walls, which provide additional space that can make a conversion feasible.

Cottage Dormer

Cottage Dormer loft conversions are usually situated at the front of a property. The dormer is a vertical window with a roof of its own, positioned, at least in part, within the slope of the roof incurring a lead valley at either side.

Cottage Dormers are a perfect way to achieve headroom where required and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye compared to many other type of additional headroom builds.

Fully Insured

We are fully insured and hold public liability on all of our jobs!

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We ensure all our jobs are done to the highest standard possible.

Dedicated Project Manager

From day 1 you will have a dedicated project manager for all your queries

How It Works

Please see below how all our project works from start to finish.



Contact us on any of the applicable ways and we will get back to you with what you have contacted us about.



Discuss the needs of your job and come up with an in depth schedule or work and also a pricing quote for you.



When your happy with what we have discussed we will sort out payment and will get the work done for you ASAP!

Loft Conversions by Taylor Made Carpentry & Construction

Getting a Loft conversion can add up to as much as 29% to the value of your house. However, in order for this to be achieved, ther are various requirments which will need to be considered. For which contains: 

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Planning Permission

As a loft conversion company based in and around the Bath area, we are very local to you. We all fully understand the capital’s planning permission process and the various different rules and regulations that may apply to your area. Should you require any assistance in understanding these then simply get in touch and we will be happy to help provide your with valid information.

Building Regulations

Building regulations is what defines certain rules for keeping you protected under Health, Safety and welfare of those who work on your Loft conversion, as well as for your friends and family after the build is complete. They will also set out and standards in relation to checking enerrgy efficency and sustainability. Our team are well-versed in the building regulations and will ensure that your project is perfect.

Party Wall Agreement

A Party wall agreement applies when you property would be attached to another property. This may be required for your project, our team will advised on this should this be the case on furhter inspection.

Headroom Requirments

The minimum headroom reequirment for a loft conversion in Bath is 2.0m. However, this basic measurment dosen’t really provide the complete picture. We can discuss this with you in further detail.