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In this day and age with price of residentail properties rising there are a lot of people who are opting in to addinng an extention on to their homes instead of packing up and moving on. Lots of people with forever growing families which are needing more space but also have to keep there costing low, home extensions  makes the most sense for being able to keep up with the growing demand for more space without costing too much.

Extentions come in many different shapes and sizes and it dosen’t matter what area you live in if you have a garden or a town house with limited outside space, building an extra room is always a good option to improve your living space which we are great at.

TMCC design and build your extention from start to finish and work with your budget which ensures that we can work together to manage the house extention at your budget, with no hidden extra costs.



A sunroom is essentially a conservatory with a solid roof and walls, including plenty of glazing.

Single Storey

A room or a room extension with a vaulted ceiling that uses the pitched roof space.

Multi Storey

A multi-storey extension can be built to any part of the existing building.

Fully Insured

We are fully insured and hold public liability on all of our jobs!

Trusted Tradesmen

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Dedicated Project Manager

From day 1 you will have a dedicated project manager for all your queries

Rear Extension

A rear extension is like it says in the name, rear extensions extend out from the back of your property and are usually carried out on a propertie where there is no side return option or also on detached properties. Rear extensions extend the size of your property usually in the kitchen area and can usually include a dining or living space extra space area.


Wrap around Extension

A wrap around extension is a side reutrn extension combined with a rear extension of the property. The wrap around extension can provide maximum space and dramatically alter the feeling and shape of your loved home. A lot of people find putting a kitchen in these types of extensions, there is normaly extra room to fit a seating or living area.


How It Works

Please see below how all our project works from start to finish.


Step 1

Contact us on any of the applicable ways and we will get back to you with what you have contacted us about.


Step 2

Discuss the needs of your job and come up with an in depth schedule or work and also a pricing quote for you.


Step 3

When your happy with what we have discussed we will sort out payment and will get the work done for you ASAP!