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Complete House Renovations

Renovations means exactly what you want to get out of your property, the place you call home and love. House prices are always continuing to rise so rather than go down the more expensive and inconvinent route of moving a lot of people are renovating there already loved property. When its done properly  there are many benfits you get from this not only will it actually add value to your home but developments in materials means you could actually get reduced utility bills and also lower home mainteneace costs.

The average cost of renovating your home is actually incredibley lower than most people would imagine when you take into account the added value it provides to your home along side the added benfits of ensuring the effeiency and safety of your home for you. You would be very suprised on how much money you can save by preventing heating loss, and making use of natural light from your property renovation.

Bathroom Renovations

The advantage of a custom designed bathroom is that we design around your needs, either to maximize space or to add luxurious amenities.

Kitchen Renovation

By renovating your kitchen you can design and place things exactly where you would like and being the heart of the home this is essential for any big household.

Fully Insured

We are fully insured and hold public liability on all of our jobs!

Trusted Tradesmen

We ensure all our jobs are done to the highest standard possible.

Dedicated Project Manager

From day 1 you will have a dedicated project manager for all your queries

Cost Of House Renovations

The average cost of a House Renovation in and around the Bath area is much lower than you would expect. When you take into account the added value which it brings to your house. If your having either a new Bathroom, Kitchen or living room space redone it will contribute massievly to a felling of well-being for you and your family along with the added feature to be able to show off your new space.

There are also a lot of cost benefits to upgrading the Wiring, Lighting, Heating and Plumbing in your house. If the home is a period property, there could be a massive advantage to ensuring the efficiency and safety of your beloved home. The amount you will be able to save in preventing heating loss or making use of different natural light sources in your home you would be very suprised as some of the yearly savings which you could be entitled to.

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Property Renovation Services

If you were looking for the very best house renovation in and around the Bath area then Taylor Made Carpentry & Construction has this to offer. With all our years of experience and expertise this puts us in the best position for us to advise you at every point. Depending on the build some builds will require planning permissions where others will not. We will make sure that everything is done is all legal and right, We are able to assist on designs and layouts of builds which we can show you before we start the actual construction work.

At Taylor Made Carpentry & Construction we take a big pride in ourselves on our flexibility and our end of job work. As a reputable contractor in the area, we can work with an Architect of your choice or we can provide architectural services to help give you some ideas or work with your ideas to give you the perfect build you require. We want to help you every step of the way with your luxury house renovation ideas every step of the way.

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Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are one of the busiest spaces in a home. Given the specialist nature which the bathroom renovations, this is where our expertise will show. The massive advantage of having a custom deisgned bathroom is that we design them aroud the needs of you and your family. Either to maximize space or to add luxurious amenities. At Taylor Made Carpentry & Construction we can walk you through every single step of the process from start to finish.

To find out more about the average price of a bathroom or kitchen renovation / refurbishment, so you can have the ability to chose what you would like to improve your home and add value to your loved property, Contact us. We will be more than happy to help you with any enquiries that you may have little or large just drop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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How It Works

Please see below how all our project works from start to finish.


Step 1

Contact us on any of the applicable ways and we will get back to you with what you have contacted us about.


Step 2

Discuss the needs of your job and come up with an in depth schedule or work and also a pricing quote for you.


Step 3

When your happy with what we have discussed we will sort out payment and will get the work done for you ASAP!